My Wish List Is Prepared

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Next year… I will keep my emotions calmer especially  in stressful situation. I will invest more time and rather perform coaching instead just giving directions. I will encourage people to give me feedback and promote feedback culture…etc.

If I list all what I had in mind, most probably similar wishes and promises from the last year would suddenly popped up. How come that I have the same today?  What happened?

Instead setting challenging and concrete objective for which I could have enthusiasm and found the path or create a guideline how I will do it…I have just dreamed about it.

It was just a dream…

So, having a wish and hoping that it will just come true without making actionable steps is nothing more than desperate condition of having  no courage and no belief.

We should ask ourselves from the early beginning of the year till very end one single question:

What have I achieved today that I can be proud of?

Only actionleads…

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